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Indoor Air Quality Systems Give Homeowners a Break from Allergies

indoor air quality systemsIt’s safe to say that the majority of people in Phoenix love animals; they are cute, adorable, give unconditional love, and are great companions to have around. But for the unlucky ones who are allergic to pet dander, having a pet is out of the question. Pet allergies can become a nuisance, especially if you’re constantly battling against itchy skin, watery eyes and respiratory problems. Unfortunately, for those who are highly allergic, the only recourse is to remove allergy inducing pets from the home. However, if mild allergies are the issue, usually a strong indoor air quality (IAQ) system from Cooper Climate Control, along with a routine cleaning, can make it easier to live with pets.

Airborne Particles

Most times, pet dander manifests itself in airborne particles so miniscule they are invisible to the human eye. Though tiny, they can cause a big reaction when they interact with an immune system that’s allergic. In order for the air to be cleared of these pesky particles, you will have to increase your HVAC system’s air quality capabilities.

In most cases, a poorly maintained HVAC system will just circulate particles around the home, actually causing more irritation to allergy sufferers. The filter used in HVAC systems will trap some of the particles, but its abilities end there, releasing the smallest irritants back into the air. If you upgrade to an electronic air cleaner, your system will be able to capture even the smallest particle as the air filters through. The electronic cleaners use low voltage charges to attract microscopic particles and make them stick to the filter media.

By upgrading your filter system, you are taking the most important step in obtaining pet allergy relief, but it’s not all you can do to create a more effective HVAC system in Phoenix. There are devices that can be installed that use ultraviolet light to eliminate airborne germs as well as neutralize pet odor throughout your house. Remember, up until this point, pet dander has been flowing freely throughout your vents, so you might consider having a thorough, professional duct cleaning to rid your ducts of irritants that have accumulated over time.

Post HVAC Care

Advanced IAQ technology can help you create a happier home for yourself, allergy sufferers and your four-legged friends. If these systems become compromised by excessive hair and dander build-up, then allergies can return and wreak havoc with your body. Follow these simple steps to help keep your HVAC system running smoothly with limited build up.

A Clean Home is the first step for those who suffer from allergies to successfully cohabitate with pets. Daily dusting and vacuuming can make a huge difference!

Brush Your Pet outside and away from any doors or windows. If this is not possible, try to brush your pet where allergy sensitive people hardly go, and be vigilant about cleaning up afterwards.

Keep Pets off Furniture and out of bedrooms. This will be a relief to those with allergies.

Open Windows and allow the cool breeze to clear out stale air.

If you are ready for an IAQ systems upgrade or looking for other HVAC services like routine maintenance or duct testing and cleaning, call or contact the professional HVAC repair technicians at Cooper Climate Control today.

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