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Don’t Open the Door for Pests with your HVAC System

HVAC system phoenixWhen an HVAC system in Phoenix is running properly, there is an easy exchange of air from the inside and outside, which is just the opening pests need to get into your home. When a system is well-maintained there are several safeguards to keep unwanted guests from sneaking into your home, keep in mind though, they only need a small area to sneak in.

Different regions will have different vermin problems, so be aware of the types of pests most common to your area. When you know brings them to your indoor space, you can then figure out how to cut off their entry and eliminate them once they’ve entered your home. Fortunately, what is good for your HVAC system is usually beneficial in pest prevention.

Pests are in your Region

Bloomberg noted the results of a 2015 study done by the American Housing Survey – used to track data about national housing supplies – which included the influx and location of certain rodents and vermin. The latest survey concluded that New Orleans has the largest cockroach population, followed closely by Houston, Miami and Atlanta. When it came to rats, Philadelphia was first then Boston, New York and Washington, D.C.

These results give key information as to what type of vermin will appear in your area; If you live in a warmer, wetter area then you will more than likely have a lot of cockroaches. Rats tend to infest older buildings in cities and prefer colder climates. One thing that these two have in common is their need for food, shelter and water – which is exactly what lures them inside.

Maintaining a No-Pest Zone

Controlling the pests attempting to infiltrate your home and maintaining an HVAC system may seem like two different concerns, but the overlap in their methodology is indisputable. Saliva, droppings and skin cells left behind as they pests make their way through your system can become serious irritants especially to those who suffer from asthma and various other respiratory conditions, becoming the direct cause of poor indoor air quality. Rodent, like rats, could even use your sensitive system as a chew toy or nesting place. A couple things you can do to help pest-proof your home:

  • Seal Off the Point of Entry
    • Consult with a pest control professional who can give you a detailed inspection of the most likely places pests are using to gain access. If, as you suspected, they are using your HVAC system to get inside then protective screens can be inserted into the vents by a technician. A vent cleaning service in Phoenix from Cooper Climate Control can help locate drafts from holes large enough for insects to squeeze through.
  • Seal your Ducts
    • As with the majority of things in life, duct material can degrade and fail – most notably duct tape. The holes in the ducts can be prime pathways for uninvited guests and could cost you hundreds in wasted energy.
  • Control The Moisture
    • Try to avoid puddles around the home, especially near your air conditioning system. Almost all pests depend on water to survive.
  • Schedule Routine HVAC System Maintenance
    • Be sure the schedule regular HVAC maintenance as a professional inspection and tune-up can reveal any signs of infestation that your system may have undergone.

If you think that pests and vermin are entering your home using a weakness in you HVAC system, or you are in need of a tune-up, contact Cooper Climate Control today to receive your free consultation.

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