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Cooler Weather Means Check-up Time for Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Fall is upon us, and that means a welcomed break from our Arizona heat. As with any change of seasons, it is good practice to edit your home from what it needs to operate in the summer time months to what the fall weather dictates.

A good place to start is to walk the exterior of your home and look to clear away any rocks or debris that may have blown against the house. Check also to make sure that tree limbs are far enough away from your home, and look into removing those that are either too close or do not appear healthy.

This is also a perfect time to check on your heating and A/C unit. With the weather cooling off, many homes will be switching their thermostat to heat for the first time in months. Be sure that when you make the switch your heating and air conditioning unit is in peak condition. If you are not already a customer, plan to have Cooper Climate Control come out and give you a free estimate or diagnostic audit on your unit. Better yet, consider a Maintenance Plan and get your first check-up for free. During a check-up, we make sure the condenser and evaporator coils are clean, which will helps the unit run longer and more efficiently. Preventative maintenance for your heating and A/C unit will save you time and money down the road!

With cooler evening temperatures upon us, there’s no time like the present to have both your heating and cooling units checked over by our professionals! For a complete list of the services we offer, including our popular preventative maintenance plans, please visit our heating and air conditioning repair services section.

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