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5 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Woman Fanning HerselfIn the midst of this record-breaking heatwave, air conditioning maintenance has become crucial for Phoenix residents. If your air conditioning installation isn’t working right or needs repair, you’ll be in for a rough time until you can get it fixed. Staying cool is not only important for your day-to-day comfort, but safety as well. Fortunately, the experts at Cooper Climate Control can not only repair and replace you’re AC unit, but has provided a list of ways you can stay cool and comfortable in the interim, as well as lowering your power bill as the summer marches on.

How to Make your HVAC System More Efficient for Earth Day

earth dayCelebrating Earth Day cannot feel complete without taking some measures to make your HVAC system more efficient for Phoenix weather. As a way of demonstrating support for environmental protection, you can implement the following tips from Phoenix heating and air conditioning experts to conserve energy in your residence.

Indoor Air Quality Systems Give Homeowners a Break from Allergies

indoor air quality systemsIt’s safe to say that the majority of people in Phoenix love animals; they are cute, adorable, give unconditional love, and are great companions to have around. But for the unlucky ones who are allergic to pet dander, having a pet is out of the question. Pet allergies can become a nuisance, especially if you’re constantly battling against itchy skin, watery eyes and respiratory problems. Unfortunately, for those who are highly allergic, the only recourse is to remove allergy inducing pets from the home. However, if mild allergies are the issue, usually a strong indoor air quality (IAQ) system from Cooper Climate Control, along with a routine cleaning, can make it easier to live with pets.

Tricks to Heat Your Home This Winter

A Phoenix couple warm their feet by the fire while wearing patterned Christmas socksThis winter has already become particularly cold, with temperatures reaching well below the 50s each night. Though Phoenix is notorious for its triple-digit summers, residents know better than to spend a winter night without proper heat when winter comes. Here are a couple different ways you can trap the heat inside your home to create the perfect insulated retreat!


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