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How to Prepare for the U.S. Heat Wave

Air conditioning and proper hydration can keep Phoenix residents cool this summerHeat is among the top five weather-related causes of fatality in the U.S. This summer is particularly brutal with relative outdoor temperature indexes soaring past 100°F even in typically temperate states like Wisconsin. The heat wave has reached such a degree that it was even the subject of this month’s blog from The White House. President Obama shared a map of the U.S. Forecast of Maximum Heat Index to drive the point home, urging people to “check on your neighbors.” Phoenix itself can expect triple-digit temperatures to continue until autumn, but what happens when the heat just gets to be too much? Here are our top tips for keeping cool in spite of this summer’s heat wave:

Precious Metals: Protect Your A/C Unit from Copper Wire Theft

Often when we think of protecting our homes from possible theft, we look to safeguard our  precious valuables inside the home. This is part of the reason why copper theft in our area is so insidious. Thieves target air conditioning units that sit unprotected outside the home, where it may take only a few minutes to destroy the unit while yielding valuable copper wiring.
Cooper Climate Control recognizes that market demand for copper continues to increase, which inflates the price for the precious metal. With the nature of supply and demand, copper theft is now a very prevalent crime, especially in areas like ours where the weather dictates the need for a cooling and heating system.

The good news is that prevention goes a long way in this case. Here are a few simple, fairly inexpensive steps you can use to limit your homes a/c unit exposure to copper theft.


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