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Routine Checks for AC Installations in Phoenix

Woman changes her air conditioning unit with a remoteSummertime can go from fun to frightening when an AC installation in Phoenix malfunctions, fails to perform, or worst-case scenario, dies completely. Luckily, performing aid conditioning system checks to prepare for a hot spring and even hotter summer weather is the best way to maintain your air conditioning unit year-round to ensure optimum performance when you need it most.

An AC unit that performs to the highest standard possible can mean a variety of benefits all year long. Here is some information about how and why AC system checks are so important, especially for Arizona homeowners!

A Phoenix Homeowner’s Guide to Lennox HVAC Systems

Having quality air conditioning and heating equipment is imperative in the Phoenix desert where the days are sweltering and the nights are freezing. Cooper Climate Control is the best in the business when it comes to repair and preventative maintenance. Our services are designed to help extend the life of your equipment so you get the most for your money. With winter right around the corner and summer following closely behind, it’s hard to find the perfect time for an equipment checkup, let alone a company who is going to treat you right and give you a fair price.

A Consumer’s Guide to Trane HVAC Systems

Cooper Climate Control is proud to be an authorized carrier of some of the best HVAC units in the world. Our mission is to set customers up with reliable systems that will last. This month we are taking a closer look at what makes Trane systems a great choice for homes and commercial buildings. Our visual guide informs customers about the benefits of owning a Trane system.

What to Do When the AC Goes Out

Woman waits for air conditioning installation in Phoenix heat.Summer in Arizona is no joke: triple-digit temperatures require your air conditioning unit to work much harder than usual, which can put unnecessary strain on the mechanisms. In some cases, this might even be the final straw for your air conditioning unit, requiring a new installation designed to handle the Phoenix heat. If your AC unit goes out this summer, Cooper Climate Control’s Phoenix emergency air conditioning team can come to your rescue when you need it most. Here are some additional tips to stay cool this summer if the AC goes out.


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