HVAC 101

Here in Arizona, homeowners can easily spend 50% of their annual energy bills on heating and air conditioning alone. With annual energy bills averaging above $2,000, it’s definitely worth it to make sure your HVAC unit is running at its most efficient!

It is important to do preventative maintenance service on your air conditioning  unit to make sure your home or office is not only set at a comfortable temperature, but also to insure that your home maintains a healthy indoor climate and is free of allergens. With all of the increased time spent inside to avoid the heat, it’s good to know the quality of the air coming into your home.

Hiring a bonded, BBB-accredited heating and cooling company like Cooper Climate Control is the first step you should take in order to be sure that your air conditioning unit is in proper running order. Continue reading

Time for Spring Cleaning!

If you live in Arizona, you may have a few extra items to add to your annual Spring cleaning list. The one we think you’ll be most grateful for come summertime is to have your current A/C unit checked out by the professionals at Cooper Climate Control.

Thanks in part to the milder overall temperature, Spring really is the most ideal time to have Cooper Climate Control assess your existing air conditioner. We can diagnose your cooling system and suggest any repairs or improvements that you may want to make before the thermometer hits triple digits. As we all know, the weather goes from hot to unbearable practically overnight here, making air conditioning a must! Continue reading

Precious Metals: Protect Your A/C Unit from Copper Wire Theft

Often when we think of protecting our homes from possible theft, we look to safeguard our  precious valuables inside the home. This is part of the reason why copper theft in our area is so insidious. Thieves target air conditioning units that sit unprotected outside the home, where it may take only a few minutes to destroy the unit while yielding valuable copper wiring.
Cooper Climate Control recognizes that market demand for copper continues to increase, which inflates the price for the precious metal. With the nature of supply and demand, copper theft is now a very prevalent crime, especially in areas like ours where the weather dictates the need for a cooling and heating system.

The good news is that prevention goes a long way in this case. Here are a few simple, fairly inexpensive steps you can use to limit your homes a/c unit exposure to copper theft. Continue reading

Cooler Weather Means Check-up Time for Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Fall is upon us, and that means a welcomed break from our Arizona heat. As with any change of seasons, it is good practice to edit your home from what it needs to operate in the summer time months to what the fall weather dictates.

A good place to start is to walk the exterior of your home and look to clear away any rocks or debris that may have blown against the house. Check also to make sure that tree limbs are far enough away from your home, and look into removing those that are either too close or do not appear healthy.

This is also a perfect time to check on your heating and A/C unit. With the weather cooling off, many homes will be switching their thermostat to heat for the first time in months. Be sure that when you make the switch your heating and air conditioning unit is in peak condition. Continue reading

Arizona Dust Storms and Air Conditioning

Arizona Dust Storms cause major air conditioning problems!

Arizona is known for its’ two seasons; the beautiful season and the dust storms season. At Cooper Climate Control, we see the damage Arizona dust storms cause on air conditioning units on a daily basis. Dust very easily gets into electrical components and will rob your home of energy and electricity flow. It is very important to call us to service and repair air conditioners after the dust storms blow through.

Cooper Climate Control will clean and make certain your air conditioning unit is free of all dust and debris on all contact points; disconnect boxes, low voltage connections and outdoor coils. Dust acts an abrasive and can eventually cause leakage, which no one wants during the Arizona dust storms season.

Along with having the AC unit serviced, it is very important to have your heating and air conditioning systems reviewed on twice a year and Cooper Climate Control AC maintenance plans are made as a friendly reminder. Please see a complete description of the services we perform during our spring maintenance check-ups and fall maintenance check-ups.
Dust Storm in Phoenix, AZArizona Dust Storms

After Arizona dust storms season, make sure to
schedule your air conditioner repair with Cooper Climate Control.

480.460.7417 Continue reading

Eight Reasons to Choose Cooper Climate Control

Here are eight reasons why  you should choose Cooper Climate Control today for your heating and air conditioning services:
  1. Cooper Climate Control stays abreast of the latest developments in equipment, technologies and procedures to help you choose the most efficient and reliable system.
  2. Cooper Climate listens to your problems and cares about your comfort, attempting to learn if any rooms are too drafty or dry during the winter or too hot and damp during the summer.
  3. Cooper Climate helps determine if your home or building is prone to indoor air pollution problems due to organic resins or vapors, poor air turnover or high humidity.
  4. Cooper Climate is concerned about protecting the environment. We do not release refrigerant into the atmosphere and are trained and certified in the proper techniques for recovering, recycling, reclaiming and disposing of used refrigerant.
  5. Cooper Climate takes the time to show you how to optimize your system, from changing the filter to programming your thermostat.
  6. If a new system is necessary, Cooper Climate performs a load calculation, explains any changes necessary to improve your duct system and presents options to help you make the best decision regarding the replacement of your old system.
  7. Cooper Climate offers planned preventative maintenance service to optimize the life of your equipment, and honors the terms of the warranty on the equipment throughout the warranty period.
  8. Cooper Climate provides routine follow-up contact to make certain that you are satisfied with our service and your new system.