7 Smart Ways to Cool Your Home for Less

reduce cooling costsTypically, air conditioning is the biggest home energy hog. In warm locales like here in Arizona, 60 to 70 percent of electric bills may go toward A/C. So you’re probably eager for outdoor temperatures to decline so your utility bills will too. Then finish out the warm-weather season with these seven measures that can raise your thermostat and lower your cooling expenses.

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Should You Get a Central Air Unit or a Wall-Mounted AC?

wall mounted acThis is a question that many people face at some point in their lives, particularly in a hot desert environment like ours. The truth is that neither style of unit is going to be supremely better than the other. Ultimately which one you should pick depends on your situation. The situations that best suit a wall mounted unit, since it’s a one or the other choice, are the ones that don’t call for a central unit. Financial situation plays an important factor in the decision as well but is more complex than just the sticker or installation price of the individual units. Continue reading

6 Ways to Make Summer Easier on Your AC Unit

replace-windowsDecreasing the load of your new AC unit will not only increase its lifespan but decrease your heating and cooling costs. Some of these ideas are low-cost or free and simply require a bit of habit changing and adaptation to the summer weather, and others are more long term improvements to the home that will provide dividends. In addition to the tips below, call us for regular AC maintenance, to keep your AC working at full capacity. Continue reading

10 Solutions for Malfunctioning Air Conditioners

thermostatIf you’re concerned that your central air-conditioning system could be failing, check out this practical guide with tips from HouseLogic and other experts. It offers possible causes for typical warning signs with traditionally recommended fixes and estimated industry prices. Luckily, many system malfunctions are easy, free, or inexpensive to resolve without replacing your unit. To schedule AC repairs, call Cooper Climate Control’s fast, honest, and reliable professionals at 480-460-7417. Continue reading

How to Decide What Size Your Replacement Central-Air Unit Needs to Be

housesAnnually, Americans use 183 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and pay over $22 billion so air conditioning will cool their homes, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Central air in average homes uses over 2000 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. In warm climates, that can represent as much as 70 percent of summertime electric bills. So selecting the right air-conditioning system to replace your old or failed unit is essential. Experts offer advice on picking the appropriate size, a major consideration, to cool your whole house well. Continue reading

Selecting a Qualified Air-Conditioning Contractor

choosing-a-qualified air-conditioning contractorYour family’s comfort depends on your air-conditioning system. But it’s much more than a box you adjust to control your home’s interior temperature. It influences indoor moisture levels, mold growth, the quality of air your family breathes, all occupants’ health, how much money you spend and save, and the energy amounts you use and conserve. These criteria depend on you developing a good working relationship with a qualified professional contractor. Review these tips so you can make a well-informed decision. Continue reading

What to Do About Typical Air-Conditioner Troubles

typical-air-conditioner-troublesMost manufacturers make durable, high-quality air conditioners. At some point, your system might not be cooling sufficiently due to incorrect installation, worn-out parts, poor servicing techniques, and/or inadequate maintenance. If your AC isn’t operating properly, make sure outside doors and windows aren’t open while your central unit’s on. Separate rooms or connecting areas using room air conditioners from those with central air as well as you can. Continue reading